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What are the high quality characteristics of electric sightseeing trains?

The situation of electric sightseeing trains is similar to that of automobiles. Due to cost and other factors, spot welding is the main welding method for the frame of electric sightseeing trains. The thickness and strength of steel in the workshop should be paid attention to. One is the welder's level. The surface of better solder joints is blackened, but the surface is smooth. Poor spot welding results in rough slag on the frame of electric sightseeing trains. In addition, it is determined whether the frame of electric small train is welded or not.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) enclosure of electric sightseeing trains, the most material used by electric sightseeing trains is FRP. How to judge the quality of FRP shell of electric small train? There are no obvious cracks in the appearance of high-quality FRP products. There are fewer air holes, bright and pure color, good transparency, strong toughness, good surface cleanliness and long service life. However, the appearance of low-quality FRP products has cracks, more air holes and insufficient color luster. Its service life is also short. Simplest, the appearance of electric sightseeing trains should not have defects, bare fibers, whitening, pits, broken, uneven fibers. This can be detected with the naked eye.


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