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Market input and life determinants of electric sightseeing trains

With the rapid development of battery industry, electric sightseeing trains have been booming in recent years, which has attracted the attention of children in particular. At the same time, some groups investing in recreational equipment have seen potential business opportunities.

At the same time, if the manufacturers of amusement equipment want to catch the mainstream of the market, they should pay attention to the quality, freshness and experience of the amusement equipment. In the production process of these amusement equipment for sightseeing trains, the selection of materials is very important, especially the mechanical electric amusement equipment, which requires relatively high metal and FRP structures, so as to ensure the operation of the amusement equipment for small trains. Maintain stability and security. The metal structure of sightseeing train amusement facilities requires that the coating of the metal structure meet the standard of rusting. The corrosion depth of the stressed metal structure should be less than 15% of the thickness of the prototype steel, the wear of the section steel track should be less than 20% of the thickness of the element, and the wear of the circular tube track of the sightseeing train should be less than 15% of the original thickness.

Electric sightseeing trains have occasional loudspeakers, headlights flashing, switch failure and so on. In fact, this is not a big problem. It may be caused by poor contact of wire harness and water inflow of wire harness. In short, there must be something wrong with the sensor harness. Most of these problems occur after the small sightseeing trains are rained or waded by the small sightseeing trains. Of course, it may also be caused by the loosening of the small train harness socket at the back of the bumpy road. Tourist small train head cover, find the corresponding control harness, check whether there is loose socket or wet intake. If there are any problems, we should deal with them accordingly. Of course, if the harness outlet is flooded because of its problems, it is also possible to expose to the sun. However, the problem has not been solved. It's better to find problems once and for all and strangle them in the bud.

Electric sightseeing trains run more and more powerless, in the daily use process, if you find that sightseeing trains can not run. Most people's first reaction is to change batteries. But maybe a battery can be used for sightseeing. This may be the heart of the tourist train - the motor is not good. After a long period of driving or bumping, if the battery connection is loose, the temperature at the joint of the connection may reach 200 degrees Celsius in only 12 minutes when the sightseeing train is running. We know that the conductivity of the metal will weaken with the increase of temperature. That's why the newlyweds'tour trains with batteries are not durable.


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