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Electric sightseeing trains add luster to Arbor Festival with green environment protection

Arbor planting Festival is on March 12 of the Gregorian calendar. It focuses on publicizing and protecting trees and mobilizing people to participate in tree planting activities. In response to the call, many people will organize tree planting activities on this day. The electric sightseeing train produced by Changzhou Olympic League also contributes to the tree planting festival. It can not only carry people to plant trees, but also has no pollution.

Arbor Planting Day originated in the 1990s. It was proposed at the National People's Congress after the founding of New China that March 12 should be Arbor Day. Each country has different regulations and the date of Arbor Day is also different. The main purpose of Arbor Day is to advocate people's active loyalty to trees and encourage people to love trees so as to protect the ecological environment of the earth. The whole people are obligated to plant trees. Next tree, harvest 10,000 green "saying, but also add a little green to the world

According to the data from 2000 to 2017, the global green coverage area has been improved compared with several decades ago. The effect is remarkable in China and India. The green area has increased a lot. Afforestation can not only green and beautify our homes, but also expand mountain forests, prevent soil erosion and benefit the country and the people. The electric sightseeing car developed and manufactured by Changzhou Olympic Federation indirectly adds a little color to greening. It uses electric energy to provide energy, saves energy and protects the environment, and lasts a long time. It is widely used in scenic spots, real estate, amusement parks and other places.

The electric sightseeing trains produced by our company have many models, including closed and non-closed ones, as well as many seats in scenic spots and fewer seats in real estate companies. There are also many models in their designs. They are directly supplied by manufacturers, reliable in quality and affordable in price. They also support the overall color and shape of customized vehicles, product logo and so on. They are well received by customers in outdoor scenic spots, resorts, real estate and other venues. Welcome.


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