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Characteristics and Design Innovation of Sightseeing Electric Small Train

Innovation is not only in the entertainment equipment industry such as sightseeing electric trains, sightseeing electric trains are not only full of personality, the appearance of cartoon image is very eye-catching, but also sightseeing electric trains are using clean energy liquefied natural gas as fuel or electricity, each train has three to four carriages, each carriage has a seat, and can also be built into the carriage. Air conditioner. The sightseeing electric train charges once and can travel many circles. The large-scale sightseeing electric train can also act as a travel agent to connect with the bicycle, yacht and other transportation modes and stations, so as to facilitate tourists to visit among the exhibition areas. Not only will it provide comfortable and convenient transportation services for tourists, but also it will become a beautiful scenery line in the Green Expo Park itself.

In the early stage of the production of amusement equipment, it is necessary for designers to design reasonably to form products. Take the inflatable products for example, they are designed to follow the current trend. They display the latest characters and cartoon images of children directly in the form of entities, so they will catch the children's psychology, and one by one, they will produce effects. Businessmen make profits.

The characteristics of sightseeing electric trains are as follows:

The sightseeing electric train, as a characteristic means of transportation in scenic spots, undertakes the passenger transport function and is also an important tourist attraction.

Scenic spots sightseeing electric trains can integrate many scenic spots, especially for large-scale scenic spots, scenic spots small trains are an effective tool to improve the traffic accessibility of scenic spots.

The design of tourist landscape along the tourist train is rich and varied, changing scenery step by step, and giving tourists a visual gluttonous feast.

Landscape electric trains should be equipped with scenic sightseeing stations along the way. Besides the necessary tourist facilities, scenic sightseeing stations should also be equipped with rich and colorful tourist activities and projects.

The sightseeing electric trains can effectively cooperate with other means of transportation, effectively organize the transportation system of scenic spots, and realize seamless docking between scenic spots.

Air conditioning monitoring automatic door can be installed

Of course, not all designs are likable. After failure, we need to analyze the reasons to avoid the next failure. Even if we make the finished product, we need to go through a series of debugging and safety and quality testing before we can operate. The theme of the design is innovation, but the premise is to ensure the safety of children and the quality of products. Recreational equipment market has developed rapidly in recent years. One of the reasons is that people's material and cultural level is constantly improving, and the demand for entertainment has greatly increased. So this stimulates the interest of businessmen. More and more people will be involved in the industry of recreational equipment. This is the so-called development.

But if we continue to develop blindly, will we reach a saturated state? This depends on the innovative ability of our design. If new products continue to appear in the market, then our equipment can bring enough freshness to tourists while constantly updating. This industry will continue to develop. So if we want to talk about the trackless sightseeing trains of children's amusement equipment. Innovative thinking is one of the essential elements of amusement equipment. Lack of designed amusement equipment, or the same equipment, will slowly lose the confidence of tourists, let our business become more bleak.

According to the type of engine, small trains can be divided into four types: pure electric, gasoline, diesel and natural gas. They also include two operation modes: track and tire. Since it is running in scenic spots, there will be higher requirements for environmental protection. "Petroleum and diesel engines for sightseeing trains are in line with the Fourth National Emission Standard. In terms of exhaust emissions, they will not pollute scenic spots." In addition to more environmentally friendly emissions, current products can also be equipped with a series of high-tech equipment, such as air conditioning, heating, monitoring, station announcer, automatic doors and so on.

Electric trains

Made in China is close to world level

In the production workshop, a small tire train with brick exterior attracted the attention of journalists. Some customized trains for Badaling scenic spot have bricks with the Great Wall in appearance. In addition, the doors of trains are controlled by drivers, which can be opened uniformly to ensure passengers'safety. Fan Badaling Scenic Area has made 40 trains, which will be operated in the future.

Recreation facilities are slow to bring forth new ones. The type of equipment is very single, one kind of equipment is placed too much, and can be placed for several years, over time, so that players have a sense of fatigue and boredom. Children's entertainment is a good project that can show great ambition and make a fortune. We should be prepared to grasp all the favorable elements in order to get the reward we want.


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