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What's the difference between a sightseeing train made of sheet metal and a sightseeing train made of fiberglass

At present, we can see sightseeing trains everywhere in some scenic spots, Characteristic Towns and pedestrian streets in our country. Then some people asked about the differences between the sheet metal sightseeing trains and the fiberglass steel sightseeing trains. Now, there is the Changzhou Olympic Federation to take you to know.

The material of sightseeing trains can be divided into sheet metal body and FRP body. The differences between them are as follows:

1. High temperature resistance, not easy to deform

1) The whole car of the sightseeing train with sheet metal body is made of metal. In the place of high temperature, the sightseeing train will not melt, deform, crack and affect the beauty.

2) The sightseeing train with FRP body is made of resin. It will deform at high temperature. When the temperature is low, the body of the sightseeing train will crack, which will affect the overall beauty of Baidu App.

2. Corrosion resistance, not easy to rust

1) Small sightseeing train with sheet metal body, after production and manufacture, undergoes high temperature electrophoresis. This electrophoresis is not the electrophoresis of a part, but the whole body is put into the electrophoresis pool, so that the small sightseeing train will not rust for 15-20 years, and the car will not have to worry about corrosion and rust in the seaside scenic spots.

2) The sightseeing train with FRP body is made of resin, so it can not carry out high temperature electrophoresis. It can only phosphatize some parts simply, so that the car is easy to rust after rainwater, and then rot. The service life of this kind of sightseeing train is only 5 years at most.

3. Easy maintenance

1) The body of a sightseeing train with sheet metal body can be repaired if it is hit by an automobile repair shop. The cost of repairing is low.

2) If the body of a sightseeing train with FRP body is impacted, it needs to be repaired by a professional manufacturer with high maintenance cost.

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