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Is it better to choose electric or fuel for sightseeing trains?

Recently, many customers in scenic spots have searched for "sightseeing trains" on the Internet and asked Changzhou Olympic Federation customer service whether it is better to buy sightseeing trains by electricity or fuel.

On this issue, the Changzhou Olympic Federation concluded that the electric and fuel are mainly determined by the customers, the route route and slope of the scenic spot.

For example, the route in that scenic spot, if it is flat road, and in the case of a kilometer or so, electrically operated sightseeing trains are better, because a charge can run 110 kilometers, only 15 kilometers. Compared with the operation, the cost is very low. But one thing we must tell you is that charging once can only keep 110 kilometers. If you run regularly from day to night, you have to recharge in the middle of the operation. He can't use it at full capacity.

The power of the fuel sightseeing train is mainly diesel engine. The power advantage is that he can load 100 litres of diesel oil with a single refueling. The fuel consumption is eight. In this way, the route is generally three or four kilometers, he does not need to stop at the scenic spot occasionally some small slope, but also according to the size of the slope of the scenic spot, appropriate adjustments can be made.

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