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Optimum Power Saving Method for Driving Electric Sightseeing Train

It is believed that this is a question that every investor of small electric sightseeing trains has thought about. Reducing the number of charges is not only to save electricity, in part because small sightseeing trains are more difficult to charge in stores, but more importantly, it can increase the running time of small trains in rush hours. Small train manufacturers to share with you the experience of electric sightseeing small train power saving.

Fill the sightseeing train with electricity. Every time you charge the batteries of the sightseeing train, they should be filled and reused. If they are not filled, the batteries will produce a kind of "memory", which will affect the mileage of the train, and at the same time, the service life of the batteries will be lost. It is better to charge the new sightseeing train three times before it is purchased. It is better to charge the train continuously for 12 hours, but the charging time should not exceed 12 hours each time after it is purchased. After half a year and up to one year, it is better to remove the battery of the electric sightseeing train and test its performance. If you do not have this ability, you can go to the local battery outlet for after-sale testing.

The most suitable charging temperature for small train batteries is the "comfortable" temperature of 24 C. Neither high temperature nor low temperature can make the batteries of sightseeing trains work best, which directly affects the mileage of the trains. Because of the inconvenience of dismantling the batteries of sightseeing trains, the locomotive can be placed overnight in a well ventilated and adjustable temperature environment to ensure the driving distance. When driving sightseeing trains with booster driving, we should use boost and taxiing as much as possible to slow down. When following the slope, use the inertia as much as possible and slide ahead of time to decelerate. When encountering traffic congestion, let the small train enter the taxiing ahead of time to minimize braking. In addition, when restarting, it is better to step on the acceleration pedal slowly to avoid the impact of high current on the battery, while reducing the loss of electricity and ensuring the small train.

Pay attention to moistureproof, summer rainy, and soon into autumn. We must pay attention to the problem of damp-proof for sightseeing trains. Moisture is not only harmful to the maintenance of the outer shell of sightseeing trains, but also has a greater impact on the battery of small trains. Dew on the surface of the battery may cause leakage or short circuit of the battery. It should be wiped in time. Driving sightseeing trains by wading water must be slow to avoid water accumulation of batteries and motors. Develop good driving habits, drive sightseeing trains do not brake frequently, do not pull out the speed limiter, do not overload, slow start, do not quickly twist the handle.


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