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What are the rules to be followed in traveling by electric sightseeing trains?

When traveling by electric sightseeing train, a very popular way of traveling, which is loved by tourists and friends, what rules should we follow in the process of traveling by electric sightseeing train?

"Safety first". Generally speaking, for the sake of the safety of passengers and friends, scenic spots will formulate requirements for taking electric trains. The more common ones are:

1. Protect the environment and make civilized tours. Don't litter the trains.

2. Non-staff members are not allowed to drive this tourist train. Tourist friends should keep their belongings while traveling.

3. Passengers on this recreational electric train should wait in line consciously, obey the instructions of passenger safety inspectors, and be civilized and polite.

4. Electric sightseeing trains should have fixed stops or boarding and disembarking points to ensure passengers'safe riding and disembarking. Passengers are advised to get on and off the bus in accordance with the principle of disembarkation first and disembarkation first. Do not be crowded.

5. Before traveling by electric sightseeing train, all passengers must be seated in the carriage to move forward. It is strictly forbidden to play, smoke and carry dangerous goods on the bus in order to avoid accidents.

Elderly people over 65 years of age, frail persons, pregnant women and disabled persons must take the ride under the guardian's guardianship. Heart disease, hypertension, mental disorders or alcoholics refuse to take the ride, otherwise the consequences are at their own risk.

7. When a tourist electric sightseeing train runs, stops at a station or stops running, passengers and pedestrians are strictly prohibited from crossing the connection of the tourist electric sightseeing train in order to avoid unnecessary injury. It is strictly forbidden for non-professionals to contact coal water trucks.

8. When passengers get on the bus, please pay attention to the handrails and safety. Do not leave the seat during the ride. It is forbidden to stand or walk in the carriage or extend one's hand out of the carriage during the operation of tourist trains in order to avoid unnecessary injury. It is strictly forbidden to boarding and disembarking passengers when the tourist trains do not stop.

Civilized travel, happy you and me.


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