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What are the maintenance of children's trackless fuel sightseeing trains?

Nowadays, trackless fuel sightseeing train is a popular project for children's entertainment. I don't know whether your project is indoor or outdoor. If indoors are naturally concentrated in shopping malls in major cities, businessmen can sweep the streets. We can also use the Internet, such as all kinds of group buying websites, B2B vertical websites to precisely lock their target customers and build their own targeted contacts. New media channels, mobile propaganda ports, of course, PC site is indispensable. It's difficult to find customer resources for yourself, because the entertainment industry is special. You don't know where your customers are, so you need to work hard and invest in optimizing the promotion so that customers can come to you when they need it.

So how can children's trackless fuel sightseeing trains be maintained? Many amusement park operators who buy trackless fuel for sightseeing trains are a big problem. What maintenance should they do in daily life? Now with the Changzhou Olympic Federation to learn how to simply carry out trackless fuel sightseeing train maintenance.

Maintenance methods of trackless fuel sightseeing trains are as follows:

1. Plastic parts and glass fibers, soapy water, disinfectant detergent, bleaching powder and other dilution soaking, with soft cloth or soft brush, then rinse with water, wipe with clean cloth or dry. Spray 84 disinfectant for disinfection.

2. Soft sponge can be washed with soft cloth and soapy water, or placed in the sun to disinfect.

3. Wooden parts which are moisture-resistant, heat-resistant and non-fading can be washed with soap and water and dried in the sun, then sprayed with 84 disinfectant solution for disinfection.

4. If the metal part requires rust removal, brush away the floating rust with a brush and wipe it with a dry cloth; after sunshine exposure, you can buy some colorless Sanhe brand self-spraying paint about 20 centimeters away, spray it once while sweeping, spray it again after drying to protect it. After the paint is completely dry, it is washed, dried and disinfected.

5. When cleaning part of the circuit and electrical appliances, first of all, we should ensure that the power is cut off and no irrigation is allowed. Generally, we should wipe it with wet cloth, and then connect the power supply after it is dried out.

6. All oil-fired trackless sightseeing trains, open-air slides and drill barrels should not accumulate water after rainy days. If so, a hole 4 mm in diameter should be drilled to drain water.

7. If it is indoor activity room, floor, wall and so on, disinfect by daily ultraviolet radiation, indoor ventilation should be normal. Spray disinfection with hydrogen peroxide once a week.

8. Of course, while disinfecting, we must also check whether the connection is firm, metal frequently moving connection refueling, circuit and electrical appliances and common components are damaged.

Systematic cleaning and maintenance of children's paradise is actually a complete safety hazard inspection. For children, safety should be the first priority. We hope that children can play healthily and safely while developing their intelligence through children's paradise.


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