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Daily basic maintenance of batteries for sightseeing electric trains in scenic spots

There are two powers for the trackless sightseeing electric trains in the scenic spots: one is battery power system (environmental protection), the other is fuel power system (diesel or gasoline); today, the Changzhou Olympic League team has made an axe to share with you the maintenance experience of conventional electric trains. The surface, connecting wires and bolts of batteries for sightseeing trains in scenic spots should be kept clean and dry. If the electrolyte is wiped off with cotton yarn, then rinsed and dried with clean water (note: in the cleaning process, tap water is strictly prohibited from entering the battery) in order to avoid leakage of electricity and increase self-discharge, resulting in random failures in vehicle operation.

The connection of batteries for sightseeing electric trains in scenic spots must be maintained well. Check the fastening nuts of battery wires regularly to avoid sparks or burning poles. Metal conductive articles should not be placed on the battery cover in order to avoid short circuit and burn the battery. After discharging, the batteries of sightseeing electric trains in scenic spots (regardless of the running time and kilometers) must be charged on the same day. Charging every other day or more than 24 hours is not allowed, otherwise the service life of the batteries will be affected. During the use of electric train batteries, because the electrolysis and evaporation of water in the electrolyte will result in the increase of density and the decrease of liquid level (especially in summer), it should be checked frequently and distilled water should be added (water shortage will seriously affect the service life of batteries). The liquid level of the electrolyte in the battery should be equal to the max of the highest liquid level. Note: Water should be charged with golden sunshine at the end of charging. After adding water, it should continue charging for 0.5-1 hours to make the interior uniform. No impurities are allowed to fall into the battery. Water appliances should be kept clean so as not to bring impurities into the battery.

In the process of driving, drivers of sightseeing electric trains in scenic spots should observe the instructions of battery meters at any time (when the voltmeter pointer on the dashboard drops to 40V, they must stop running and charge in time), estimate the driving mileage of electric vehicles, so as not to return to charging in time, cause excessive battery discharge and shorten the service life. If the tourist trains in scenic spots are not used for a long time, the batteries should be stored after full charge and charged equally every 15 days. After charging, the liquid cap should be tightly covered (check whether the air permeability hole is blocked or not, if there is, it should be dredged). The service life of lead-acid batteries is 1-1.5 years, when the capacity of batteries will decline sharply, new batteries need to be replaced at this time. Batteries with the same brand, capacity and similar condition (after full charge, the difference of maximum voltage is not more than 0.1V) must be used as a group.


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