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Power Saving Skills of Electric Sightseeing Train

With the vigorous promotion of environmental protection by the state, people's awareness of environmental protection has been constantly raised. For scenic spots, sightseeing trains have become a popular entertainment project. Compared with oil-fired sightseeing trains, electric sightseeing trains are more environmentally friendly and cost less. Electric sightseeing trains are powered by batteries, which will inevitably generate electricity. Today, the Changzhou Olympic Federation will introduce some tips for saving electricity on electric sightseeing trains.

Electric sightseeing trains are driven by power supply. They need to be charged with batteries. It is convenient to charge. They belong to regional vehicles and can not be used on the road. Here are some small ways to save electricity for electric sightseeing trains.

1. Don't start quickly when the electric sightseeing train starts. In the case of rapid acceleration start, the current of high voltage circuit is very large. Regular rapid acceleration start will affect the life of motor controller and power battery, and shorten the driving mileage at the same time.

2. Avoid frequent emergency parking during driving. Avoid sudden braking and stopping of electric sightseeing car during driving, because emergency braking will accelerate the grinding of brake lining, and the current caused by emergency braking will affect motor controller, resulting in reduced driving mileage and motor controller life.

3. The temperature difference should not be too large. Electric sightseeing car mainly uses batteries to work, so the temperature difference of operating environment should not be too large, too high or too low will affect the range of electric sightseeing car.

4. Maintain normal fetal pressure. In the case of load, tyre pressure should be controlled within a certain range, and the size of tyre pressure is also the key to decide whether to save electricity.

Remember to learn the above tips, electric sightseeing trains can greatly increase the driving process, electric sightseeing trains can achieve the goal of power saving! Electric sightseeing trains have the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, low cost and affordable price. They are well liked by customers. Moreover, they are stable in performance, suitable for a wide range of people, and have a long endurance. Their endurance range is about 80-100 km. Such practical electric sightseeing trains can not be bought quickly.


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