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With the advent of spring, trackless sightseeing electric trains have become explosive again

Trackless sightseeing electric small train amusement equipment has always been a popular product of Changzhou Olympic Federation. With the warm weather and the arrival of spring, more and more tourists come, which makes the heat of this equipment to a higher level.

Sightseeing Electric Train

Trackless sightseeing electric trains used to be very popular equipment in scenic spots, squares, parks and other places. With the arrival of winter, the heat may decline, but during the Spring Festival, this entertainment project is not affected by winter.

Electric sightseeing train

In addition, trackless sightseeing electric trains were used by customers in shopping malls, supermarkets and other indoor venues before, and then set off a wave of upsurge. With the warming of the weather, the number of tourists will continue to increase. The flow of tourists in major tourist attractions, shopping malls and supermarkets will begin to increase, and activities will continue. At this time, placing a trackless sightseeing electric train in scenic spots, shopping malls and supermarkets will greatly ease the tiredness of customers taking children to play.

Sightseeing Electric Train

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